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Life Happens Jumat, Oktober 07, 2011 19.38
Hello world, I'm back!

Old does not give updates, I've gone through several phases in life. Graduated from college to graduate. I was accepted into a reporter working on a local media. Life is so normal.

However, I recently let go of normality is to pursue what I dreamed. Maybe some people thought I was not grateful but I have my own reasons.
So, here I am now an unemployed. Struggling and praying to achieve my dreams.

Is not life too short to do things not ourselves? So I came out of the cozy circle and try new things. Although full of risks.

If you can borrow Adhitya Mulya quote from one of his books. For all questioned why I took this step and disappointed. I would say "Life Happens" :)

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...You just gotta Ignite the Light
And let it shine
Just own the night

the Fourth of July

Katy Perry - Firework

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